Introducing Colour Intelligence otherwise known as CI Technology.

A unique blend of specialized dye pigments, gentle alkalizers and protective oxidizers allows each shade in Colours by Gina to adapt to multiple uses just by changing the volume and amount of Colour Producer

Colour Intelligence is at the heart of Colours by Gina, and at the heart of Gina’s philosophy to ensure each shade delivers many uses

  • Deposit colour as a demi permanent
  • Deposit colour as a permanent
  • Cover, Blend or Tone Gray Hair
  • Tone Lightened hair
  • Same level, add or change tone
  • 100% Gray coverage
  • One, Two, Three levels of Lift
  • Maximum Lift and Tone, 4+ levels

Hair is the absolute best condition

The superb condition of COLOURS by Gina comes from Gina’s unique BioGen Complex supercharged with Baobab. For COLOURS by Gina, BioGen Complex is combined with Baobab to supercharge the conditioning benefits.

Biotin or Vitamin B7 is a fatty acid which has well known benefits for hair, giving hair strength and repairing by filling in the gaps in the cuticle. Taking Biotin aids in the formation of keratin and improves the keratin infrastructure

Phyto Collagen. Collagen is usually animal based, Colours by Gina uses plant based collagen from the Acacia tree. Collagen is an intense moisturizer for hair, and an efficient protectant

Baobab is a natural silicone which fortifies hair and protects against stressors such as heat and friction. A well known anti-aging ingredient, Baobab also moisturizes intensely, helping colour last longer and look better because hair is healthier