What They Say.

You’ll Love What You Create

Colours By Gina is a highly pigmented luxury color, with amazing spread ability, and hundred percent gray coverage. You will absolutely love what you can create with this smart color product?

Amber Youngblood

I Love the Color

I love how creamy the color is and how little you need. It goes along way. It is true to shade and 100% gray coverage in 35 min has saving me time and money. I am so excited about the Colours By Gina line and can’t wait to keep experiencing how amazing it is.

Dana Powell

Exceptional Cover and Shine

Colours by Gina delivers exceptional coverage and shine! Not to mention the smell is amazing! Everyone has an after colour service smell they either love or hate, but this one aims to please! I know my clients will love it for days. It also mixes to a really nice consistency. Goes on super smooth, not chunky, and spreads really far. I was pleasantly surprised to see what little amount I needed compared to my current colour line. More product, less money, this is a win!

Rachael Flynn

Beyond Excited to Transition to This Color

I had the opportunity to use Colours By Gina’s curated color and I am beyond excited to transition to this hair color in my salon. I used Colours By Gina on a client who has vitiligo and usually requires filling her hair with a gold for full grey coverage. With Colours by Gina I was able to formulate her color to give 100% coverage on her vitiligo and natural grey without double processing. Colours by Gina not only gives wonderful grey coverage but offers more Artisic freedom to me as a stylist I have been impressed with the way CBG performs and I love the low inventory option for my salon.

Chenille Pauls

Everything I need in One Tube

Colours by Gina has everything I need in one tube. It has the best grey coverage and the brightest family of red colours. The consistency of the colour makes it easy to mix and apply.

John Aultman