The pandemic took us all by surprise.  Closing our doors and causing undue stress for YOU, the hair entrepreneur.  But what if there was a back-up, what if you had a little extra income available  to offset the revenue loss?  Gina Rivera, founder of COLOURS by Gina has created a program that rewards you just for sharing the love of colour.

Introducing Gina’s COLOUR BEES….invite your friends, make some money!


  • Be a current user of the COLOURS by Gina collection.
  • Complete the application and officially join our hive.
  • As a member you will receive a dedicated link for you to share with your peers via your personal social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or you can send the link via email.
  • When one of your peers clicks on your link, they will be directed to a customer form. Within that form they will become permanently linked to you.  This means all purchases your “colour bee peer” makes will be recorded in your commission account.
  • The commission dollars you receive will be deposited monthly into your PayPal account. You will receive a 10% commission on every sale.  For example, if someone purchase $200 then you will receive $20 in commission.  Remember COLOUR is generally purchased monthly so be sure to login to your account to review your status monthly!
  • In addition, your friends are always your friends for LIFE. You will receive a 10% commission for every sale they make after their initial purchase.  That means should your friend purchase $1000 worth of COLOURS by Gina product, you can expect to receive $100 in PayPal monies to be used at your discretion.
  • You must have a PayPal to join Gina’s COLOUR Bees.

Have Questions?  Click Here for Answers to FAQs


Complete your application where it will be reviewed and approved within 72 hours.  Connect your PayPal account to Gina’S COLOUR Bees.  We will send you an email confirming you are officially a COLOUR Bee!  Once you are officially a member start sharing!  Do not forget to link your COLOUR Bee Sales commissions. Be sure monitor your referrals. These monies will collect in your individual PayPal account for you to access when needed.  They never expire and can only be used and managed by you.

Fill out the form below to officially join our hive.

As a member of our Colour Bees Hive, you will receive a 10% commission on every sale made through your link.